Was V. Stepanov (former Head of Russian Karelia) a KGB spymaster in Finland?

I have recently read a book written by Oleg Kalugin titled "Farewell to Lubyanka" ("Прощай, Лубянка", in Russian), published in 1995. The following paragraph struck me: "V. Stepanov was a KGB resident in Finland. Ethnic Karelian, he was known for his self-reliance and independence of thinking, even stubborness. Kryuchkov tolerated Stepanov only because Andropov liked him..... Upon Stepanov's return to Moscow he was offered the insignificant job of a vice-Chairman of the Znanie Society. Stepanov refused and preferred to return to Petrozavodsk, where he made an outstanding career in state and party organizations."

The question is: does Kalugin refer to Viktor Stepanov, who was the Head of Russian Karelia in 1989-1998 (just before Katanandov)? Official biography of Viktor Stepanov does not mention his KGB career at all! If he was indeed a KGB spymaster in Finland, this fact should be taken into account by those who focus on Russian Karelia in the 1990s! Stepanov's memoirs could be a bestseller in Finland...


Oleg Kalugin was General-Major of KGB, who defected to the USA and now lives there. In Russia he was sentenced to 15-year imprisonment for treason.

"KGB resident" means the head of espionage network in a given country - spymaster.

Kryuchkov was the the head of Soviet intelligence service in the 1980s.

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