Young researchers’ seminar

Dear Prof. Pekka Suutari and our colleagues in Joensuu,
Thank you for the seminar which you’ve organized for the young scholars - researchers from the Karelian Research Center and from the University of Eastern Finland. We loved the seminar very much and really appreciate your kind regard and your attention and hospitality. We will have a really nice memory of the seminar and your wonderful city - Joensuu. Only three of the young Finnish researchers participated (Merja Sagulin, Maria Proskuriakova and Sanna-Riika Knuuttila), but their papers seemed to be very interesting and informative for us. Merja Sagulin's paper based on the materials of Daniel Defoe’s “Robinson Crusoe” was pretty close to the problem which I was talking about (the problem of adaptation of the foreign language and culture for the local, vernacular tradition). It was really useful to see the methods and approaches to the process of studying the text which Merja Sagulin presented in her paper. Sanna-Riika Knuuttila's paper on the problem of language revitalization caused a vivid, lively discussion from different points of view, especially concerning the status of Modern Karelian Language. The seminar has revealed that scientific traditions of Finland and Russia may have much in common and have some "points of crossing", i.e. the problems which are actual for both of the countries. That's why I think that the title proposed for the seminar ("new impetus") was a good one and it will be a really new impetus for the cultural studies, not just a reason for meeting and talking. I hope we will be able to arrange a similar seminar in Petrozavodsk and to invite young Finnish researchers to Russia.
Alexander Petrov
Chair of the Young Researchers' Association 

Irina Potasheva, Alexandra Rodionova, Alexandr Petrov, Maria Kundozerova, Natalia Pellinen, Alexey Tarasov and Tatiana Khoroshun. Photo: Alexandra Rodionova.


New impetus in cultural research

Young researchers’ seminar

Karelian Research Centre (Institute of Language, Literature and History); Petrozavodsk.
University of Eastern Finland (Karelian Institute & Finnish Language and Cultural Research) Joensuu.

Location: UEF, Joensuu campus, Agora bulding AG 109.

Friday 4 May 2012

I Session 12.15
chair Pekka Suutari

Aleksandr Petrov
Russian Religious Verses: the Transformations of the Christian Text in the Folk Tradition
Merja Sagulin
Research Perspectives on Literary Adaptations.
Maria Kundozerova
The Birth of an Island in Karelian Epic Poems
Maria Proskuryakova
Russian Fortresses and Garrisons in Old Finland in the 1710‑1740s.
Alexey Tarasov
Workshop Site Fofanovo XIII: Evidences for “Mass-Production” of Stone Axes in Eneolithic Karelia

coffee break

II Session 14.15
chair Samuli Hägg

Natalia Pellinen
Linguistic and Mythological Space of Karelian Lullabies
Sanna-Riikka Knuuttila
On thesis
Alexandra Rodionova
From the Semantics of Space to the Semantics of the Cause (on the Material of Karelian Language)
Irina Potasheva & Tatiana Khoroshun
Archeological Ceramics: Introduction, Methods and Results of Research

Closing the seminar 16.00

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