Old Russian books for historians - старые книги

There is an excellent source where you can download full-text versions of Russian books, published in the 18-early 20th centuries. (Most of them can be also found at books.google.com, but you can download them from my link much faster.) For instance, there are books about Finnish history, the Finnish war 1808-09, Finnish regions (including the Kuopio Governorship), visit of Emperor Alexander the First to Kajaani, etc... This list of books grows by the day! Here is the direct link.

Дореволюционные российские книги по истории можно скачать по ссылке (см. выше). Там есть книги по истории Финляндии, о Финской войне 1808-09 годов, о финских регионах, о визите Александра Первого в Каяни и много чего еще. Общий "вес" библиотеки - 70 GB!


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