Research seminar + film on a Finn in Africa

Dear all,

I would like to invite you to the next research seminar of our Institute on 10 November, 10:00-12:00, room AU104. There will be two presenters:

- Oxana Krutova will speak about her project on the quality of employment in Euregio Karelia; and
- Seppo Sivonen will present the film "A man from the Congo river". We shall have the opportunity to see this film (53 minutes) before its first official public viewing!

This film is about Akseli Leppänen. He was an ordinary man from Finland. After disappointment in love he decided to go to the Congo to meet the new world and become rich. Instead, he met the hard reality of colonialism - and he met himself...
The movie tells the story of Akseli Leppänen through his own diaries and letters. These unique documents are the framework for the film. His estate includes almost 100 photographs and other documents. There is also fascinating film footage from Belgian and Swedish archives. The film has scenes also from present day Congo, where the sad traces of colonialism can still be seen.



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